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Most likely the car GT 54559 was in company service, like GTW  flat cars in this number series. As was the case with most other railroads, CNR and its associated lines did not list company service equipment in the ORER. The only way to distinguish flat cars in company service from revenue cars was by the number,  as the cars were not otherwise marked.

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While looking through my New England photos for other surviving examples of the Rutland 2700-series flat cars, I chanced upon another 11-pocket flat car. This one is in company service on the Conway Scenic Railway, and is lettered GT 54559.

A photo of the car is attached, along with Steamtown's Rutland 2777 for comparison. The GT car has a channel end sill, while the Rutland car has a flat plate. Otherwise they are similar. Some styrene strip and a new deck could make the Athearn car a close match.

I'm not sure whether the GT lettering on this car is correct. In my 1958 ORER, there is no longer a separate GT reporting mark, only CN, and no number like this exists. Maybe it is older, or maybe it is fake lettering on somebody else's car. Any ideas?

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