Re: Looking for any info about Linde (CCBX) gondolas #801-815 and the containers. #801-815

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My pleasure. From my trusty October 1958 ORER, page 688, entry for Union Carbide:

"Container Cars: The container (A.A.R. Mech. Designation LG) cars marked 'C.C.B.X' and numbered 801 to 803 inclusive (Note A). Inside dimensions: length 46 ft. 10 in., width 9 ft. 1 in., height 1 ft. 5 in., outside 49 ft., width at top of sides 9 ft. 11 in., extreme width 9 ft. 11 in., height from rail to extreme width 5 ft. 1 in., to top of sides 5 ft. 1 in., to extreme height 5 ft. 7 in., capacity 140,000 . . . Note A: Container cars numbered 801 to 803 and 805 to 815 inclusive have a capacity of 12 Calcium Carbide containers." The entry is dated July 1957.

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On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 6:51 PM Jason Kliewer <wcfn100@...> wrote:
Does anyone have any info they could share about these container gondolas?  I'm trying to make a drawing of the containers anf gondolas working off pictures and the ORER dimensions on the gondola series but can seem to get it to look right.

Anyone ever see a shot of the containers out of the car?  Did the gondolas have wood floors?

Lots of questions.

Jason Kliewer
Colorado Springs, CO

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