Re: Caboose restrictions

Dennis Storzek

On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 05:35 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:
Can you provide evidence for a federal ban of wood under frame cabooses? I looked on the document AAR_InterchangeDates in the list files section and the only really applicable rule was not a federal outlawing, but an AAR banning of wood draft sills from interchange in 1928. That, of course, would not have affected cabooses. I believe that individual states passed a variety of laws affecting cabooses, but I am unaware of a federal law outlawing cars so equipped. 

Can't cite the exact source, but during the twenties two regulations took effect: cabooses were required to have steel center sills, and a minimum body length of 26 feet. It is the later that did in most four wheel 'bobbers'.These weren't ARA interchange rules, but rather impose by the ICC under the authority granted the agency by Congress to regulate railroad safety. The end result, at least on the Soo Line, was all the bobbers disappeared and the rest of the cabooses were rebuilt with steel sills, starting about 1922 and finished by 1926 or so.

If Guy Wilber is listening, he can probably cite the source.

Dennis Storzek

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