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Randy Hammill

I had a great time on my first visit to Cocoa Beach! Thanks Mike and those who make it happen.

We are officially live and taking pledges for our project. We have a lot of information on our site and the IndieGoGo page where we are funding the project, but I thought I'd highlight a few things here.

The Cars
We are producing all of these cars in one run, which includes the availability of decorated and undecorated kits and parts. ETA for all models is early 2021. We don't have immediate plans for a second run, mostly because we want to do more new models. All cars will be produced in each major paint scheme they wore, and with K and AB brakes and other modifications as appropriate over the life of the cars.

  • ATSF (10 variations): Bx-11, -12, and -13 classes built 1929-1931, including the Bx-11 and -12 classes rebuilt with 8" and 12" extensions in 1941-1943, and the Bx-11, -12, and -13 classes rebuilt with steel sides starting in 1950.
  • C&O (2 variations): Ex-PM Tall Pratt truss single sheathed box and auto cars. This includes the original double door configuration, and the single door box car conversion.
  • CGW (1 variation): Tall Pratt truss single sheathed auto car.
  • L&N (1 variation): Tall Pratt truss single sheathed auto car.
  • PM (2 variations): Tall Pratt truss single sheathed box and auto cars. This includes the original double door configuration, and the single door box car conversion.
  • RI (1 variation): Tall Pratt truss single sheathed box car.

The RI, and the ATSF variations, excluding the steel side rebuilds, have been available in resin (Sunshine and Westerfied respectively). As far as we know, none of the other models have been available in plastic, resin, or brass.

These 17 prototypes were in service for a long time:
  • 4 classes in 1929 (Bx-11, CGW, L&N, and PM)
  • 7 in 1930 (Bx-12 and RI)
  • 8 in 1931 (Bx-13)
  • 9 in 1941 (PM box cars, Bx-11 with 8" roof)
  • 10 in 1942 (Bx-12 with 8" roof)
  • 12 by 1943 (Bx-11, -12 with 12" roof)
  • 15 by 1950 (C&O auto and box, and ATSF Bx-13 with steel sides)
  • All 17 variations on the road in the '60s. 
More than any other group, I think it's safe to say that most of the modelers here not only need these cars, but need more than one.

The Funding
The only way we are able to make these models is through crowd funding. When you make your pledge, we do not have access to the money, unless we fully fund the project. IndieGoGo will automatically refund your money if we don't meet our goal. Our funding goal covers the tooling and complete production run of the the models, eliminating one of the biggest challenges that manufacturers have - cash flow. This money is being raised solely for that purpose and we aren't taking a paycheck or any income until after the models are delivered.

Since this group is a primary resource and inspiration for our modeling, we've created a Secret Perk just for members. This is $160 for 4 cars, and a 20% discount. You can add more models, parts, etc. and you'll make your final selections before we go to production. In addition you'll get a 20% discount on anything you add. The 20% discount is already reflected in the price of the two cars (SRP is $50), although you can choose the equivalent in parts if you'd prefer. 

Steam Era Freight Car List Only special 20% off Perk

So join our community of Backers and feel free to contact me on (within the rules of the forum) and off list with any questions. Thanks!


Randy Hammill
Prototype Junction

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