Re: Looking for any info about Linde (CCBX) gondolas #801-815 and the containers. #801-815


OK - I tried to send an 11 mb attachment that was readable, however our group resized it to 225kb and made it mostly unreadable.
Jason or Garth, If you need the readable version email me at

mark_landgraf at yahoo dot com


On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 5:08:56 PM EST, mark_landgraf via Groups.Io <mark_landgraf@...> wrote:

I looked around a little bit more and found a a gondola that was used by LCL corp. It doesn't appear to the exact car you are looking for but it may provide some guidance. It's a big drawing but I got it down to and emailable size.

Mark Landgraf

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LCL Corp 1956 inventory shows that there were 216 containers were owned by Carbide & Carbon Chemical and were in assigned service to Union Carbide for Calcium Carbide serve. 

I have drawings of some of these containers, but my drawings are for a flat top version, not the peaked top version shown in your photo.

I attempted to attach them.

Mark Landgraf

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 4:02:04 PM EST, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

Jason Kliewer wrote:

None of the ORER data gives me much to scale off of vertically except the inside height.  But at 17", I'm thinking it has a wood floor or maybe some sort of brackets or bracing to hold the containers.
What I really need is a pictures that shows one of the containers out of the car so I can see the bracing.

      If this car is anything like the SP version, there are good interior photos in my volume on SP flat cars, Vol. 3 of the series, _Southern Pacific Freight Cars_ that was published by Signature Press.

Tony Thompson

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