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Tim O'Connor


National who ??

This is the B-50-20 represented by the IMWX (later Red Caboose) 1937 AAR box car. Many
cars by the late 1940's would have been relettered per the 1946 style with spelled out road name.

What is different about the NSC kit compared to the IMWX?

On 1/14/2020 2:34 PM, Clark Propst wrote:
At CCB (Great event had a wonderful time) I purchased a mini-kit from 'National Scale Car' for a SP box car, series 83420-83739. Kit basics are doors, lower tracks and decals. The only photo of a SP car in the instructions was taken later in life with larger roadname stenciling and lowered placards. I want to model the car for the late 40s, so I need to know the placement of the placard and route card board on the Superior door. Also there are three lettering choices on the decal sheet. Large roadname, smaller roadname for between the stripes above and below the roadname and number, and just initials for above the numbers between the stripes. These cars were built in 11-40. Which option would be appropriate?  From what photos I have I'm leaning towards just initials. I really need a photo showing the doors tho...I've got it ready for paint except for the doors.
CW Propst

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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