Caboose Marker and Mars Light Question

Nelson Moyer

I’m building two CB&Q NE-10 waycars. The version I’m building is the modification in 1947 which added an electric wheel driven generator, battery boxes on both sides, and a wagon wheel antenna for radio communication. At some point in or after 1947, Mars lights were added to both ends. Two styles of Mars lights are included in the kit, a round housing with a smaller lens, and a larger square housing with a large lens. I’ve studied the photos in the NE-10 chapter of The Burlington Waycars by Danniel, Reis, and Dowda, and I’ve noticed waycars on some trains had both traditional lantern markers and the large square Mars lights (photos from 1962-1968), while photos taken in 1969 and 1972 show only the Mars light without markers.  At some point in the 1060s, the lantern markers were electrified as evidenced by a cord that plugged into receptacles on each side of the ends.



Was there a rule change after 1968 that discontinued use of traditional markers when a Mars light was used?

Where both Mars light styles actually used, and what are the dates they were first installed? All photos from the 1960s show square housings.

When were markers first electrified?


Answers to these questions have a practical application, as I plan to light the markers and/or Mars lights.


Nelson Moyer


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