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Though it might seem surprising, Henry built a lot of his Model T autos in England. See . The photo in question is probably from the Trafford Park plant near Manchester, based on the design features of the cars. The more famous site at Dagenham dates to 1929.

Great Britain was a booming market. Several vintage Fords including a Model T truck can be noted in the Downton Abbey TV series. That is, if you can tear your eyes away from the Rolls Royces, Bentleys and those marvelous racing cars (which include a racing Bentley, along with a Bugatti). On one of the videos (season six, IIRC), there is even a special feature on the autos.

I learned to drive in an English Ford, a four-door 1962 Consul model 315 (an export model with the drive on the left, per US standards). Our Ford was similar to the flying car in the Harry Potter movies. My first car was a slightly smaller two-door 1957/1958 Ford Anglia, pieced together from two wrecks in someone's garage. Neither of these Fords could fly.

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The car on the loading ramp appears to have the steering wheel on the right, England?

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Here's a link to the photo as posted over on the early rail site.

The one at the dealer is the same although somewhat cropped.


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