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Interesting point. I’ve always thought about old transformer loads, usually in the context of an “upgrade” to an existing facility. When I visited the Safe Harbor Hydroelectric generating station (on the PRR’s Coukmbia and Port Deposit branch and next to the PRR’s A&S Low grade freight line) a few years ago at one of the PRRT&HS’ annual meetings, I was stunned to learn that the transformers were original to the 1930-1931 construction. So much for my 1944 transformer loads to the dam… What I am saying is that there may be very few reasons to ship old transformers and that this fire damaged transformer may be one of the few examples. OTOH, there are a number of examples of new transformers being delivered to the several hydroelectric stations on the PRR’s C&PD branch. These may be replacements/upgrades or they may be expansions of the facilities.

BTW, the Safe harbor dam provided electric power for the PRR’s catenary, moving freight cars, including those carrying transformers ;)

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It's an interesting photo, for sure, and it brings up an interesting point.   All of the "big transformer" loads I have ever seen on a model railroad are of a new transformer.   This burnt  up transformer would be a unique load.

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