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Andy Carlson

Around 2008 I was invited to look at the Snohomish hydro power plant. Built around the turn of the century with a penstock tunneled into the bedrock adjacent to the Snohomish Falls. The power turbines were at the base of the penstock tunnel and water exited into the lower Falls pond. The engineer who was kind to show the operation to me and a friend was justifiably proud that that the original wireing for the antique generator was still woven fabric cloth insulated. He was most proud, however, that an original light bulb over 100 years old was still lit 24/7. Mr Edison should be proud!
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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........... When I visited the Safe Harbor Hydroelectric generating station (on the PRR’s Coukmbia and Port Deposit branch and next to the PRR’s A&S Low grade freight line) a few years ago at one of the PRRT&HS’ annual meetings, I was stunned to learn that the transformers were original to the 1930-1931 construction.

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