Re: Prototype Junction Steam Era Freight Car List Special

Randy Hammill

Thanks, Greg - 

We're just getting started but we need a lot more support. I'm happy to answer any questions, concerns, etc. regarding the project. There are enough folks here alone to make it happen, and while I don't expect everyone will order cars, these all fit this group's era unless you are modeling pre-1929.

I don't know everybody personally here, but I know quite a few folks, and you can visit my blog to get a better understanding of my personal approach to modeling, which is to be as accurate as possible across the board. We are also approaching this project with modelers in mind, which is why we'll have lots of neat parts in addition to decorated and undecorated kits available. All things I heard modelers ask for regularly when I was working on projects for True Line and other companies. Our answer is, "absolutely," But we can only say that if the modelers step up too!

Come see us in the Better Living Center in Springfield, 25-G.

Thanks again - 


Randy Hammill
Prototype Junction

Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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