Re: Photos: Wabash Automobile Boxcar 47194


I had an interesting experience with this car.  I stopped a few times to look at the car when passing through Atlanta.  On one of these occasions, I stopped and noticed two men working on
the car.  They were drilling holes and putting grab irons on the left end of the side away from the elevator.  I noticed they had already put three grabs on the car and was beginning to drill holes for a fourth grab.  I quickly told them there should only be two grabs on that end.  They said it was a good thing I stopped as they were going to put them to the top of the side like the other end.  They said they would remove the third grab, but never did.  I also sent them a palnt and lettering blueprint for the car.   The photos appear to be of the car the first time it was painted.  Since then they have replaced the siding and repainted the car.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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