Re: ARA / AAR Standard Letters and Figures for Freight Car Marking

Dave Parker

I am not sure that I am completely following the discussion here, but it is a topic that has come up before.  At the risk of repeating myself, the "standard" MCB/ARA/AAR Roman letter diagram dates to 1906.  I have seen it reproduced a number of time in several places, and it always contains just three letters (M,C,B) and three numerals (2,7,8).  If anybody as ever seen a more comprehensive character set, I would be glad to learn of it.  But, based on what I have seen, no railroad could have actually conformed to standardized MCB/ARA/AAR lettering because it didn't exist  -- beyond those six example characters that seem only to convey a rather general style of lettering that was adopted as an industry standard.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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