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Ed Hawkins

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I need a reminder please regarding the Branchline Blueprint 50-foot boxcars in terms of the variations. I know they produced an 8-foot door car and an insulated car w/a sliding flush door. Note, I am not interested in the more modern cars they did, only the ones that would have the Improved Dreadnaught end variations.

Did they do a 9-foot door or any double door examples? Did the do any with a lower straight side sill?

Branchline Trains (now Atlas) offered HO 50’ AAR box & auto car kits as follows with the side arrangement defined as riveted or welded & the number of side sheets to the left & right of the door opening, respectively.

1000-series: 8’ door openings, riveted 8/8 side sheets
1100-series: 15’ door openings, riveted 5/8 side sheets
1900-series: 9’ door openings, welded 8/8 side sheets
2000-series: 9’ door openings, riveted 8/8 side sheets

The above models came with three configurations of side sill to bolster, crosstie & door reinforcement connections that varied depending on the railroad. The three options of side sill connections were molded integral to the body.

a. Fish-belly from bolster to bolster
b. Straight from bolster to bolster
c. Separate bolster, crosstie & door reinforcement connections (i.e., “tabbed”)

While these three options were generally accurate for many prototype cars, others had straight side sill reinforcements extending from end to end (Northern Pacific one example) that Branchline did not offer & thus require modification by the modeler. 

Branchline also offered two versions of 50’ insulated box cars (RB/RBL).

1700-series: Sliding-flush doors for 8’ openings, riveted 8/8 side sheets
1800-series: Sliding-flush doors for 8’ openings, 4-panel riveted side sheets for 14 side posts & horizontal seams

The 1800-series models represented GARX prototype cars having Duryea underframes. However, the Branchline models came with the same conventional AAR underframe provided in other 50’ box car kits. Recall Jack Spencer’s RP CYC Volume 15 article on modifying one of these models with Duryea underframe.

Ed Hawkins

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