Bx-34 Decals

John Barry

I failed to catch a layout error on the S&T decals.  The slogans for cars 140911 and 140317 are on the other cars sheet.  317 should be El Capitan and 911 should be Super Chief.

Limited additional decals are available for $5 for the twelve car numbers included in the project.  Each decal does one complete car and comes with reweigh dates to cover from New 1940 to 1953.  Repack and brake test decals are also provided along with a spare herald and data block.  Contact me directly at NorthBayLines at ATT dot NET.  

John Barry
ATSF North Bay Lines 
Golden Gates & Fast Freights 
Lovettsville, VA


PO Box 44736 
Washington, DC 20026-4736

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