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Nelson Moyer

The Westerfield Data Sheet mentions the drop doors in the floor, and said that the G22 and G22B both had them. The kit floor had the drop doors molded in the closed position. I think the G22B class was based solely on the truck upgrade which increased the tonnage.


Nelson Moyer


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Hi Bruce, Nelson, Stic, and List Members,



I was under the impression that the G22b had openings in the gon floor to allow debris to fall to the tracks, making them more suitable for container service. This can be seen in the images of the Traincat G22b kit linked below.



Am I in error? Is the Traincat kit in error?



Claus Schlund



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Correct. I believe that the only visible difference is are the 100 ton trucks on the G22B versus the 70 ton Crown trucks on the other subclasses, and, of course, the CAPY, LT WT, and LD LMT stencils, in addition to the subclass stencil.





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On Jan 21, 2020, at 8:10 AM, Stic Harris <sticdvm@...> wrote:


Good morning smart freight car folk,


I know we've had previous discussion on the PRR G22 flat cars, but I've been unable to find an answer to my question.


Besides the trucks, which I know were upgraded, and the stencil indicating the type and capacity of the car, is there any structural or visual difference between the original G22 gondola and the G22B gondola?


That is, if I change the trucks and decals, can I create an accurate G22B from a G22 model?


Thanks in advance for any information,


Stic Harris





- Stic


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