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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

My pleasure, Stic.

No one does the G22B per se, it is up to you to dress it up like one!

Here are the DB4 and HB1A containers. The Westy containers are HB1A and HB4. A nice shot in color, in SK P&L (like mine).

Elden Gatwood

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Thank you all!
Much appreciate the information. And Elden, these photos are gold.
I actually have a set of the Westerfield containers to build and would like to put them in a G22B, so no one will know if my gondola happens to have/not have grates on the bottom.
My understanding is that Westerfield no longer makes the G22s. I've seen several G22s on eBay, but no G22Bs.
So planning on building a G22 and replacing the trucks/stencils with my containers covering the bottom.

Again, many thanks for the group knowledge,


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I believe PRR did a small number of G22B with mesh flooring to minimize the effects of cement build up, but they did not do this on most or all G22B. It is a cool look, but not necessary on your models. They also did an interior that included container "dunnage" to keep the containers in place, like so:

Here are some other container photos.

Elden Gatwood

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Hi Bruce, Nelson, Stic, and List Members,

I was under the impression that the G22b had openings in the gon floor to allow debris to fall to the tracks, making them more suitable for container service. This can be seen in the images of the Traincat G22b kit linked below.

Blocked <Blocked>

Am I in error? Is the Traincat kit in error?

Claus Schlund

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Correct. I believe that the only visible difference is are the 100 ton trucks on the G22B versus the 70 ton Crown trucks on the other subclasses, and, of course, the CAPY, LT WT, and LD LMT stencils, in addition to the subclass stencil.



Bruce F. Smith

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On Jan 21, 2020, at 8:10 AM, Stic Harris < <> < <> > > wrote:

Good morning smart freight car folk,

I know we've had previous discussion on the PRR G22 flat cars, but I've been unable to find an answer to my question.

Besides the trucks, which I know were upgraded, and the stencil indicating the type and capacity of the car, is there any structural or visual difference between the original G22 gondola and the G22B gondola?

That is, if I change the trucks and decals, can I create an accurate G22B from a G22 model?

Thanks in advance for any information,

Stic Harris


- Stic


- Stic

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