Re: ATSF BX-11,12, and13 rebuild question

Randy Hammill

Hi, James -

Somehow I missed this message earlier. To clarify:

For the ATSF cars in this project we are doing:
  • Bx-11, -12, and -13 in their original configuration
  • Bx-11 and -12 rebuilt (or modified might be a better term) 1941-2 with 8" roof extension
  • Bx-11 and -12 modified in 1942-3 with 12" roof extension
  • Bx-11 and -13 classes rebuilt with steel sides, the Bx-13s started in 1950, the Bx-11s in 1956.

Available with era specific details and painting and lettering for the life of the cars. 

In a future era, the Bx-12 classes rebuilt with steel sides '63-'64 appear to all have been two variations, one with a "plug" door as Bx-85 cars, and others with Transco siding, in class Bx-86. These cars are not included in this project...yet. We have to raise our initial funding before we consider adding anything else to the project. But these cars, along with some other variations of the PM/C&O cars are under consideration should we raise enough to cover the additional tooling.

The rest of the cars currently in scope for this project:
Box Cars
  • RI 141000-142999 series Pratt truss single sheathed box cars
  • PM 89350-90349 series Pratt truss box cars (converted from auto cars)
  • C&O 289350-290349 series Pratt truss box cars (converted from auto cars)

Auto Cars
  • CGW 80000-80978 series Pratt truss auto cars
  • L&N 46000-46399 series Pratt truss auto cars
  • PM 89350-90349 series tall Pratt truss auto cars
  • C&O 289450-290349 series tall Pratt truss auto cars

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