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Congrats on getting this far with the SSC drawings.  I can sympathize with the effort involved.  I'm currently scanning 30,000 8x10 builders photos negatives.  It takes time.

Based on the dozen SSC drawings in my collection, they do contain a bunch more data then you are showing.  The upper right corner typically identifies the quantity of cars ordered and by what RR, and sometimes the road numbers.

The title block has a date, please enter at least the year in one column and the whole date in another. This allows for a date range search, where as the whole dates search is very problematic. However the whole date is often helpful in gathering up the drawings for a specific car, since often all the drawings have the same date.

I understand that the naming convention is not always equal, but in order to help finding things, there needs to be some standardization.

In the spreadsheet I saw a lot of General Drawing.  The generic car construction term is General Arrangement drawing, often abbreviated as GA.
Underframe Arrangement is UF
Brake Arrangement is BA
The others, like End Arrangement, Side Arrangement, Top Arrangement, etc, are usually spelled out.

If you know the weight or gallons capacity, please place that in another column
If you know the road numbers please include them in another column

From my limited knowledge of SSC drawings, the required drawings are usually clustered together, rather than in families, like PS, BLW, Alco.
If there is a prior drawing that is referred to, please include that number in it's own column.
Consider a column for Materials, ie, Wood, Composite or Steel
Inside length would be helpful if known.

When more columns are used, the Data Filter function can be used, and it saves a lot of time. It can also be used to find spelling errors and other irregularities. Like MoPac vs MP.

No, I won't be at the bar CCB. My limo, with the big bag of cash, is stuck in a mid-west snow storm.

Being able to find a 6500 gallon Tank car built between 1917 and 1919 for UTLX is a lot easier with the extra columns.

I had to do this for a 50,000 unit locomotive roster.  Believe me, now when I'm looking for a 0-6-0, meter gage that went to a Cuban sugar plantation in the 1920's, I only get a few hits.

Keep up the good work.

Mark Landgraf

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, 4:20:57 PM EST, Bob Webber <rgz17@...> wrote:

I have an updated Standard Steel drawing list.  This list is both freight (from SS-0 - SS-99999) and Passenger (SS-100000 and above).

It can be found here:

  • Yes, there are a lot of inconsistencies - so's your old that's us, sometimes the original.  When this started over 20 years ago, there was no style sheet.  Come to think of it, there is none now.  
  • Yes, there are likely a lot of misspellings, incorrect abbreviations, and uncapitalized names.   Yep.  Yep.  I caught a lot of misspellings, but there are more lurking
  • The Metadata engine has no spell check, no mass replacement, and it can't figure out what the hell a Pries roof is.  Neither can I
  • This is ONLY Standard Steel.  Only 4500 or so drawings that have been scanned.   Yes I plan on doing Pullman Freight & Passenger, Osgood Bradley, Budd, Haskell & Barker and maybe Boeing, Ford and Airbus.  Not today
  • Don't see something that is referenced in a drawing - send me a private message.  Don't see something you want?  Ditto.  Don't see ACF?  Call St. Louis
  • You want full resolution tifs available for downloading free?  Meet me at the bar in the Cocoa Beach Hilton tonight - it may take me a while to get there, but we can talk about it then.
  • You want to order something but don't know how or how much? See and and
  • Want WHAT WHEN?????????   Meet me in the bar at the Cocoa Beach Hilton in 5 minutes...bring lots of unmarked bills...big denomination bills...i.e. CASH....I'll be there ASAP...Mike? When is the RPM next year?

All this is done by volunteers.  Multiple volunteers.  That means their input style is different, as is their spelling, abbreviations, etc.  No kidding tho - the originals are rife with the same thing.  Remember all this is supposed to happen with the work done in 1 6 hour day a week.  

We've added over 1000 Standard Steel drawings in the past 6 months.  We have other work happening all the time, including preparing for the big move.  

And remember, just like that good old cook on the AT&SF - be careful what you criticize, you will be given the job!

Bob Webber

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