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Steve and Barb Hile

Having looked at a lot, but not as many as Bob, of SSC drawings, both for the UTLX book and in my role as a volunteer at IRM, I can tell you that there is nothing on the drawings (for sure the GA drawings) that would link it to anything like a lot number or order number.  Neither have we uncovered anything that looks like a Bill of Material for a SSC lot.  Many GA drawings do refer to the railroad and number series of the cars built in the upper RH corner and will SOMETIMES list subsequent builds to that same drawing.

For sure, SSC recorded order numbers and other purchase data in some form, but we have not found that Rosetta stone, as of yet.

Eric Neubauer's exhaustive research into Pullman, Haskell and Barker, Standard Steel Car and Pullman Standard freight car builds contains a lot of good information that I use, extensively, as a key to knowing the GA, lot number, etc. when one of our customers asks for something based on road name and number series.  In the past year or so, we have been quite successful in finding GA drawings for Resin Car Works, Shake N Take and others.

Keith Retterer's SSC photo catalog also provides some important clues and my current project is to try and develop a searchable file that will combine information from these multiple sources.  When this file is ready, we will share it on the Library's web site, like the scanned drawing file that Bob has already referred to.

Bob, as curator of the Pullman Library, may be the youngest of the regular volunteers there, so his calls for others to help keep the flame alive are very real.

I have been extremely pleased, over the last 10-15 years to discover the various troves of primary source data, such as the Barriger Library and Museum of Transport in St. Louis (ACF) and the Pullman Library (Budd, PS, H&B, SSC, etc.)  One of the missing links would be a comparable source for General American items.

I hope that this is clear and helpful.  Be sure that if you contact us, directly, at the Pullman Library, we will do everything we can to assist you.

Steve Hile
Pullman Library Volunteer since 2015

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On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 06:31 AM, Bob Webber wrote:
We have a very clear idea how SSC drawings are organized - and it's not as you describe.  They are most certainly arranged in a manner similar to Pullman (dep[ending on exactly WHICH drawing naming convention is in use).  The standard Pullman-Standard variant is Drawer-Size-Sequence.  (e.g. 501-E-21) (later the size indicated by the leading number, with a sequential number).  SSC drawings are organized by drawer (which includes size) and sequence.  Very similar.  IF you have the data on the tubes.  We do not.  They are simply labeled by drawing range, and if we are lucky, year.  NOT by size.  We have been entering drawer, so were that needed, we can locate it.  It is not in the caption information. 
Did Standard Steel Car NOT use a system of lot or order numbers? It seems to me this is the one piece of data that will quickly pull all the drawings for a particular car together, irregardless of the drawing numbering system. I suppose it's possible they didn't. Stranger things have happened; I recall one builder (Jackson and Sharp, IIRC) where each individual car had its own order number, similar to locomotive builder's numbers.  Yet, if their drawings still existed, that number should allow reference to all the drawings that pertain to the car.

Dennis Storzek

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