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Bob Webber

Thanks, Mike (there might actually be a couple of interest, we found another tube in that sequence).

I don't know who has the Pressed Steel drawings - Keith has some photos, but I tried locating the PSC (and other manuf. drawings) years back - to no avail.  As Steve mentioned, General American and such are another good target.   I've tried contacting them, and received no reply (a not uncommon result).  There are other drawings, past the era of this list that I've been working on as well.  

Some may say "Why" after what I tried to provide today.  The answer is simple - I don't care WHO has them, I want them accessible.  Though some feel the hobby has passed them by, I find them very useful be honest, many are works of art.

A lot of the issues with access will gradually dissipate as we are able to get the drawings in one place, and, hopefully, in flat files, indexed and in order.   I want to recreate the order SSC had - by sequence number, within drawer numbers.  

Toward that end, we have, as I said, been adding the drawer number to the drawing metadata.   More data is not added until we get the collections management software, where there are buckets for more.  Right now, and I should have made this clear yesterday - there is more data being capture than what is shown in that list, but are not in the list due to portability issues with the database (that is, they don't port outside of the database well). 

We did, thanks to you and another customer, try to locate all of the freight car drawings from a given series (all the 53nnn) - we have about scanned some 70 of them, located more (but who needs rivets, hand grabs, chain, etc.?).  We did that in an effort to understand the system that was used, and our "slice" of the SSC pie (Harrisburg has the other slice, in terms of drawings)..  We hope to add to the collection data - as Steve mentions, he's working on a SSC master list that will make many queries like yours, much easier.  

If anyone knows of the location of the PSC, BSC or other steam era freight car drawings or photos, let me know.  I want to add the information and access "rules" to the research page.   Thanks (yes, I know about Mid-Continent's wonderful pages, and have linked them)...

At 09:34 AM 1/24/2020, you wrote:
Thank you for this work, Bob!

And sharing your reality.  From my view of the world you have there, I find what you have presented very helpful.  Using this list, I have targeted another candidate for drawings and I readily found many of those you and Steve Hile recently extricated for me.  I can see how what you have done will help find sources quicker.  I also know from past experience that not everything is readily obvious as you dig deeper for details so some back-and-forth with the  customer will likely always be a part of the search process.

You have an incredible resource and I believe the list you have established will be helpful for future searches.

Now, if only Pressed Steel Car drawings were so accessible.

Regards from Grove City in western Penna.    Mike Schleigh

Bob Webber

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