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Bob Webber

Dennis, I think Steve answered this, but I'll expound.  SSC *must have* had Lot and order info (in fact we know they did - well maybe - they might be railroads' Lot numbers).  In very few drawings is such even mentioned.  About 60% of what we found have car numbers series.  There are oft times 2 dates, one the drawing was produced, one the order was processed.   But Lots?  Not so much.  Same with early H&B drawings, as you've seen. 

We have no key to SSC - we don't have drawing lists (though there is a book in Harrisburg that has them) nor correspondence.  We have Eric's lists and occasionaly, roger will provide us with drawing numbers he's gleaned from trips to Harrisburg.

There is no one number evident in the drawings to tie drawings together with.    SOMETIMES, there will be reference to other drawings on a given drawing, sometimes, they'll reference the railroad or other manufacturer drawing number (Common Standard, AT&SF, AC&F, etc.). 

There is the drawer number, which pertains to size and sequence, and the sequential number.  As far as we know, at this time, that's it.  

Keith uses a number found on the negatives, but those appear to be merely sequential negative numbers, by plant.   There are some Lot numbers I have found through various sources.  But not the drawings themselves.   Why they didn't add them, I don't know.  SSC had some strange behaviors - they re-drew vendor drawings, for instance, whereas Pullman simply referred to them (better for us though).  They re-drew their own drawings rather than refer to them.  We hope this process will provide us with some insights!

At 10:59 AM 1/24/2020, Dennis Storzek wrote:
On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 06:31 AM, Bob Webber wrote:
We have a very clear idea how SSC drawings are organized - and it's not as you describe.  They are most certainly arranged in a manner similar to Pullman (dep[ending on exactly WHICH drawing naming convention is in use).  The standard Pullman-Standard variant is Drawer-Size-Sequence.  (e.g. 501-E-21) (later the size indicated by the leading number, with a sequential number).  SSC drawings are organized by drawer (which includes size) and sequence.  Very similar.  IF you have the data on the tubes.  We do not.  They are simply labeled by drawing range, and if we are lucky, year.  NOT by size.  We have been entering drawer, so were that needed, we can locate it.  It is not in the caption information.

Did Standard Steel Car NOT use a system of lot or order numbers? It seems to me this is the one piece of data that will quickly pull all the drawings for a particular car together, irregardless of the drawing numbering system. I suppose it's possible they didn't. Stranger things have happened; I recall one builder (Jackson and Sharp, IIRC) where each individual car had its own order number, similar to locomotive builder's numbers.  Yet, if their drawings still existed, that number should allow reference to all the drawings that pertain to the car.

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