Re: Standard Steel Drawing List

Bob Webber

It is not (and we have at least 1 SS Soo stencil drawing scanned).  SS, Fink, Baltimore Car and a few other, small ones have a smattering of drawings that we have been indexing slowly.  A few dozen tubes.  Middleton car has over 500 tubes and a number of flat files.  Osgood Bradley has hundreds of tubes (thousands, actually) and dozens of drawers (of anywhere from 100 to 1000 drawings per drawer).  When we move (old refrain, I know) these will be separated and indexed. can also be because we simply have had no call to find anything in those series.  We did the one series (53nnn) as an experiment to see how many drawings we had in that series.   But, for the most part, we have not done wholesale scanning of SSC.  If someone asks for a given tube, we are now trying to scan all drawings in tubes we drag over - we've scanned about 100 complete tubes, maybe more.

At 12:33 PM 1/24/2020, Dennis Storzek wrote:
I only see four drawings listed for the Soo Line, searching both by common name and corporate initials. This isn't surprising, as the Soo bought very little from SSC, but begs the question, is Siems Stembel production included in the SSC list?


Bob Webber

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