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It helps to provide a link to the photo 😉 Luckily, in this case PRR 121861 was pretty easy to find:

There is no question that 121861 is in the Shadow Keystone scheme. The photo is from the back cover of the PRR's annual report from 12/1960. I suppose you could worry it is plain keystone, but not really since that scheme came about in 1961.

Some additional good news...

The P&L diagram for SK, issued 4/14/1954 is labeled "X26A, X28A, X29, X29A, X31A (Single Door)". That can be found on page 53 of RP Cyc 24. So it is clear that the X28A was meant to be included. In addition, there are tons of photos of X29s, the X28A's kissing cousin and contemporary in SK. 

Now for the bad news. I cannot find any other photos of X28A in SK. Is 121861 unique? Almost certainly not. Is it an oddball? Potentially. 

There are lots of photos of other cars in CK well past the 1954 date of SK. Which would be better for Kansas? I would think that the later you consider your date in the "late 1950s" the more likely that you would see a fresh SK X28A instead of a weathered CK X28A, but I still think that, barring photographic evidence, CK is probably more likely than SK. 

Now, I do have to say that an X29 would FAR more likely than an X28A. So no matter what you P&L this car, it is still an "odd ball". 

And then there is the problem that the F&C X28A isn't really correct. The side panels show exactly the same mistake in panel size/location as a certain brass car. AFAIK, the only accurate X28A, at least with respect to the side panels, is the Sunshine kit. Of course, that kit has its own issues, like a roof that curves laterally.

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I started on an F&C kit for a PRR X28A, with AB brake and Youngstown doors.  There's actually one photo on rr-picturearchives, showing PRR 121861 in what might be the SK scheme, can't see the side clearly enough to tell but at all events this is a paint scheme from the 50s after the end of the CK scheme.

But looking at the X28 page at, which I use frequently, it appears that the quantity of X28A was diminishing rapidly in the late 50s.  So first, I'm wondering if the photo of 121861 might be just a publicity photo and very few of these cars were ever painted in this scheme.  Second, if I paint this model in CK, how likely were these cars to be found in interchange service by the late 50s?  I model a Kansas secondary main line that got some East Coast manufactured goods traffic but also had a lot of 40' cars sitting around waiting for grain shipments during certain seasons of the year.  It was not a bridge route.

Basically, I'm trying to decide exactly how likely it would be to see one of these cars in Kansas during this period.  I could just as easily pass this model on to someone who would be more at home with it.  I've got several other PRR rebuild boxcars in the works now that are probably more appropriate.

Ron Merrick

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