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anthony wagner

Ron, I'm guessing but I think advanced age and inadequate cubic and weight capacity doomed these cars. By the late 50s 50 foot box cars were becoming the norm, often with 70 ton capacity, so older cars were disposed of as soon as they could be economically replaced. Also, though I'm not sure when, the AAR changed the longevity rule from 50 to 40 years but that also must have had an impact.Tony

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Thanks for all the really specific replies.  I'm comfortable with doing the X28A in SK, probably well-weathered, if I decide to do it at all.  I'm also working on an X26C, an X29B and an X29D, all F&C.  (I like to do some similar cars at once, which is a small labor-saving advantage at least with regard to research and assembly technique.)  And I have enough decals I should be able to make some good choices when I'm at the lettering stage.

My Westerfield 1/59 ORER shows 2913 X28A.  I have a hard copy ORER from 1961 but it's at my other house so I can't check it.  I'm really interested in the precipitous decline in the numbers of X28A after 1958 as shown in the page, so I was wondering if large numbers of these cars were being condemned or at least being gathered for scrapping rather than being in free interchange during this time.

Ron Merrick

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