Re: Photo: Unloading Fruit From A Livestock Car

Bob Chaparro

Placard: Tin Cans

Just to show that tin can loads were called out for special handling:


"SCRAP RUBBER COLLECTIONS BEGIN TO LEAVE ANN ARBOR: Proof that Ann Arbor and Washtenaw county residents' efforts in the recently-ended scrap rubber collection campaign were not in vain is offered in this picture which shows the first shipment of scrap to leave the city. Cars shown above being loaded from the 50-ton plus pile gathered at the Staebler-Kempf station depot will carry 18 tons of rubber each to the Rubber Reserve Corp. collection depot in Cleveland from whence it will be turned over to varied rubber companies for reclaiming operations.

Published in Issue

Ann Arbor News, July 29, 1942"

Of course, somebody should have removed the placard after the car was unloaded.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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