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Eric Hansmann

Here’s some info on a few Seaboard ventilated boxcar classes. Wright Trak had produced the V9 and V10 class cars as HO scale resin kit models.

The Seaboard Air Line installed 2,150 V9 class ventilated boxcars in 1922. The Chickasaw Car & Shipbuilding built 1,250 cars (28000-29249) and Pressed Steel Car built an additional 900 cars (89000-89899). SAL added another 1,000 cars in 1923 of the V10 class, all built by Pressed Steel Car (79000-79999).

The V8 class cars were built by Pressed Steel Car in 1914 (27500-27961). These had a fishbelly side sill. Other early SAL ventilated boxcars also had a fishbelly side sill.

Larry Goolsby wrote about the Seaboard ventilated boxcar fleet in the 1st Q 1998 issue of Lines South.

The January 1943 ORER  lists 3,046 ventilated boxcars on the SAL.

27000-27961 - 9 cars (possibly V8 class)
28000-29249 - 1,206 cars (V9 class)
79000-79999 - 969 cars (V10 class)
89000-89899 - 862 cars (V9 class)

A note indicates all these cars were equipped with Wine ventilators.

The 1943 SAL ventilated boxcar fleet was the third largest. Central of Georgia (3,647) and Atlantic Coast Line (3,244) were the top two. The total of all CoG, ACL, and SAL ventilated cars was 72% of the 13,810 US railroad ventilated boxcars in the 1943 ORER.


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Lark Cooper wrote: While I’m not a y'all road modeler, one of these neat cars could occasionally make an appearance.


   That could be said even if you were modeling some of the roads in Eastern Canada.


Cordialy, Don Valentine

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