Re: Another new (?) vendor at Springfield


In generic terms, a pretty realistic heat exchanger.  The 'shell and tube' nomenclature comes from the fact that the 'shell', the part from the double sets of flanges back toward the end, contains a set of tubes that are connected to the 'channel', the part from that double set of flanges forward to the head.  The head has two grabs on it, and it's suspended by a davit for use in holding it when it's unbolted for servicing.  So fluid A goes in and out of the nozzles on top and bottom of the channel.  They're more commonly directly opposite each other, but could be offset as here.  There's a baffle that makes that fluid go through the tubes, and either heat or be heated / cool or be cooled by fluid B, which goes in and out of the two larger nozzles on the shell.  The third nozzle on the shell is either a vent or is a side stream going somewhere else.

Most 6' diameter heat exchangers don't have nozzles that are quite that long, but that's just a matter of proportions.  All in all, at least it looks like it's a real piece of equipment with primer coat instead of an oversized piece of junk that fell from the 87:1 sky like some loads do.

Ron Merrick
(not a heat transfer engineer, but I know a few)

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