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mel perry

as long as the poster follows the tules,
then there is no problem, if yoiu don't
like the post or object to it, DELETE it,
DON'T turn it into a mountain, get a life
folks, turn off your computer, and get
some fresh air
my .02 worth
mel perry

On Mon, Jan 27, 2020, 6:22 PM Aley, Jeff A <Jeff.A.Aley@...> wrote:

Hi Folks,


The relevant rules are below.  Permit me to summarize:

1.  We permit the announcement of freight car-related items for sale.  These announcements should be kept to a minimum, and inquiries directed off-list.

2. COMPANIES who wish to announce freight car-related items for sale shall post their announcements between noon Friday EST and Saturday 11:59PM EST.


In my judgement, Clark Propst’s email meets the spirit and the letter of the rules.




-Jeff Aley,

Deputy Moderator, STMFC


“Announcements of frt car related items for sale are permitted BUT actual

lists of items should be made available from the seller upon request rather

than in the message. Announcements of such sales should be kept at a

minimum. The primary objective of the group is to exchange information

concerning the subject.


Messages regarding the selling of products as part of a commercial

enterprise must be sent during the period of noon Friday EST and Saturday

midnight EST.


Each seller is allowed one message unless a correction is needed. Seller

messages MUST include OFF GROUP addresses for replies. Replies by members to

seller messages MUST be OFF GROUP.”



From: <> On Behalf Of Roger Huber via Groups.Io
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2020 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] New eBay listing


I read the group description and goals and see no mention of selling, etc. I would prefer this group NOT become flea market but still welcome someone selling kits or completed cars, parts or being made aware of new products. Some folks don't have a lot of contacts in which to be informed about things so we should be able to share here.


I would appreciate having a moderator get in this conversation with a YEA or NAY for us.




Roger Huber

Deer Creek Locomotive Works




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