Re: Book of historical drawings; is it worth scannin

Randy Hees

Beyond modeling they have value.  I care for museum equipment.  We are FRA regulated.  Among those regulations is the 50 year freight car rule...  That says cars are done at 50 years with some allowance for rebuilding or alternately a waiver.... My waiver includes a required 2 year "comprehensive inspection"...  Which last go round was observed by the FRA...   In general you inspect the cars to AAR interchange rules.

The current AAR interchange rule book (which the FRA guy carried) does not include anything lighter than 70 ton capacity cars...  We had to use an older rule books (1975, and update to 1974) from the museum collection to establish the standards to inspect to including side bearing clearance and center plate clearance.  We had a question on acceptable cast side frames which these drawings might address.  

I have also used earlier MCB standards and United States Safety Appliances books when writing preservation studies to guide restorations.

Randy Hees
Director, Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City

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