Re: Book of historical drawings; is it worth scanning?

Dennis Storzek

On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 11:37 AM, Charlie Vlk wrote:

f the volume in question is this one…

Drawings of the standards and recommended practice of the Master Car Builders Association  Henry O. Shepard Co. Press Chicago 1918

It is already available online at HathiTrust.  Here is a link:

Nice find, Charlie. No, the book in my possession is from eight years later, June, 1926, and is limited to trucks and the Recommended Practice car designs the ARA had adopted; the single sheathed boxcar with the pressed steel Pratt truss framing, and a similar double sheathed car with a steel framed superstructure. It appears to be a complete set of drawings because they go down to the level of detailing each sill step, bracket, bolt, etc. Unfortunately, the drawings show the generic flat plate ends and flat sheet riveted roof, which are features apparently no road bought; each opting for proprietary designs that were permissible alternates.

While the Hathi Trust scans are welcome for printed text with occasional diagrams, looking at these MCB drawings, the resolution leaves something to be desired, considering the drawings are already greatly reduced for publication in the book.

Dennis Storzek

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