YV Crane question and thank you...

Jack Burgess

Someone on another list asked about the rigging on the crane on the crane and if I had a systematic for the runs.


I didn’t have any information on the rigging but studied photos for months and only figured it out (hopefully correctly) a few weeks before  that was the last thing I needed to do to finish the model. The attached drawing shows what I came up with. The drum is at the bottom, the two pulleys at the top are the ones attached near the end of the boom. The set of three pulleys (two vertical and one horizontal) were on the roof of the body (supported from below). The ropes from the drum go under and then over the outside pulleys on the boom. They then over and then under the vertical pulleys on the roof. The ropes then go back to the pulleys on the boom and then around the horizontal pulley on the roof. So it is one continuous rope and had a mechanical advantage of 6:1.


The rope to the blocks goes directly from a second drum to the set of blocks.


I also want to thank everyone for their very rewarding comments!


Jack Burgess


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