Re: Diagrams: PFE Refrigerator Cars

Tony Thompson

Bob Chaparro wrote:

Thanks very much for that information, Tony.
Do you have any insight as to why these were not built?

   It's discussed in the PFE book at some length. Briefly, the -3 had superstructure improvements beyond the Class R-30-2, but used the original pressed-steel underframe. PFE decide against any more use of those underframes, as cracking problems had already appeared in them. Instead, the new superstructure was built onto a new underframe (Class R-30-4).
     The four later designs, classes R-30-7 to -10, were various combinations of underframes and superstructures. Evidently none were regarded as worth building (specifics in the book).
     Note that the CLASS number R-30-9 was used almost 30 years later for REBUILT cars, not new ones.

Tony Thompson

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