Op sessions on the Alma branch

Jared Harper

This past week I hosted two op sessions on the Alma branch.  On Sunday one of my operators had to back out because of illness.  However, Bruce Smith from Auburn, AL, and Gary Senesac from Lawrenceville were able to make it did a very good  job.  On Thursday Tom Klimoski brought two friends, Tom and Ron and ran a record time of two hours and 15 minutes from Burlingame to Alma and back.  They did all the tasks perfectly. 

It is time to plan an op session for February.  The days I have open are the 9th, 15th, the 16th, the 22nd, the 23rd and the 29th.  If a group of retirees wants to come during the week that is possible.  Just let me know.  I provide lunch.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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