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All in-service photos I have of the 8000-series boxcars and of the coke car conversions show BLACK ends.
The Pullman builder's photos and most in-service photos seem to indicate unpainted galvanized roofs. It does look like a few got black asphaltum painted roofs by the 1960s.

Ignore ALL photos of car 8099. Noblesville was never known for high-quality "restorations".

As for black ends on NKP boxcars: they were a pre-AMC standard, and were regularly found on their cars through 1964. Not all cars were painted with them, but they bulk were, including during repaints from the early 1920s on. As with any modeling project, refer to as many photos as possible.

Ray Breyer
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I should have mentioned my paint colors were are built. Some cars did get FCC ends when repainted. 

Brian J. Carlson 

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The NKP, Erie, PM and  C&O were all part of the Van Sweringen brother's empire at this time and had joint standards for lettering and painting.  Road specific fonts for none-data stencils were unique . . . i.e. like the PM's special "Q".  I believe the C&O had black ends at this time.  Research on AMC (Advisory Mechanical Committee) is spotty.  Some is at Clifton Forge. Don't know what Cleveland State U has.

I am too old to drive down to CF alone for research sessions these days.

Al Kresse
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