When 8099 arrived at ITM the ends and underframe were black with the roof the same as the sides. That is how I repainted it. It had been parked at the Noblesville grain elevator at their request to hold supplies for grain doors. When we asked the office at Frankfort to move it, they were skeptical because their indicated their records showed it had been scrapped. I had to hand deliver a photo of the car with my '84 Camaro parked in front of it.

Despite Ray's comment. I tried to match paint to original samples or notes on blue prints. When preparing to paint NKP 1 I found Pullman green is a combination of black and orange and contains no green. All the lettering was redrawn in CAD from tracings of the real thing or original full size prints from Pete Shepard. In addition to the equipment  at  Noblesville, I provided full size prints, stencils and/or pdf files as requested for cabooses 141, 439, 451, 454, 475, and 479, locomotives 755 and 765, diesel 555 as well as City of Chicago and City of Lima. I have laid out the end stripes and cab sides for SD9 358. I gave a thumb drive with all of my files to Wayne York today.

We were told we could not leave the Baldwin diesel in US Navy paint or the 44 tonner as was from it's last owner due to liability issues, so I painted them as NKP 99 and 91 which never existed. A few railfans thought they were unknown NKP diesels, but I did explain that given the options. NKP paint was selected.

I also painted caboose C&O 90876 as NKP for a NKPH&TS convention since a few were purchased by the Nickel Plate, but that paint only lasted a few days.

E units and F's don't hold up because the side panels sit in a steel channel that acts as a scupper for water entering through the fans. When the drain holes get plugged the channel fills with water. The panels were ply-metal. which is plywood with steel sheet glued to it. You probably have seen the results.

Craig Presler

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