Re: Source for Intermountain Parts

Allan Smith

I have a package of IM BCR Youngstown Door 1937 AAR Boxcar part # 40700-01 4 sets in package. Is this what you are looking for? If so I will sell it to you for $5.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 07:24:50 AM PST, golden1014 via Groups.Io <golden1014@...> wrote:

Hi Gents,

I’m in need of about 4-5 pair of Intermountain 1937 Modified 10-6 Youngstown box car doors for a project, and a few 1937 Modified (preferably undec) box car kits.  Can anyone recommend a dealer that can talk the talk?

I contacted Andy Carlson but he’s unable to help with this one.

John Golden

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