Re: Union Tank Car Co. UTLX 17441 a “squat”

Dale Muir

this is good, check it out.


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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Union Tank Car Co. UTLX 17441 a “squat”


fHello all,


    Lester Breuer's recent post about constructing a UTLX X-3 of 8,000 gal. capacity refered us to the most recent of his

always enjoyable blogs on constructing his model. In the blog he noted finding that the prototype had a dome platform 

on only one side of the tank. My late friend, and kitbasher extrodinaire, Robert W. Witbeck and I first began noticing that

many tank cars had dome platforms on only one side back in the mid-1990's but were never successful in determining

what factors decided whether on or two dome platforms were to be used. Still being in the dark on this subject I'm raising

the question here in hope that someone might know the answer to this long standing void in my knowledge of tank car

construction. Any knowledgeable responses would be appreciated.


Cordially, Don Valentine

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