Re: Union Pacific Stock Car colors - FCR to Yellow?

Tim O'Connor

April 1947 according to Terry Metcalfe - and as Greg said, the S-40-10's were the first.

All of the S-40-12 cars were delivered in yellow. 300 had roller bearings and wore the
"livestock dispatch" lettering, and 200 had plain bearings and no such lettering.

In 1958, the decision was made to paint NON-roller bearing stock cars freight car red so
only "high speed" cars with roller bearings would be yellow.

Also according to Terry the Union Pacific's stock business rose after the war, unlike most
other railroads. High speed service to California evidently was the reason.

Tim O'

On 2/6/2020 12:58 AM, Dick Harley via Groups.Io wrote:

On the UP Freight Car Data portion of my SmugMug site is a gallery with a 3-page spreadsheet of UP Stock Car Data.

On the right side of the second page are three columns for Body Color - pre and post 1940.

It's been years since I built that spreadsheet, and I do not recall if I ever determined a pattern to the color choice, though there probably was one.
I guess determining that pattern is now "left as an exercise for the student."  May be solid versus roller bearing journals, but I've got too much other stuff to do.

Let us know if anyone figures out something.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA
*Tim O'Connor*
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