Gibson Wine Company Tank Cars

G.J. Irwin

Hi Gang,

The Gibson Wine Company of California leased a number of tank cars, at least single and four-compartment versions, from General American.  Given its colorful paint scheme featuring a depiction of a pheasant, the single dome version has been offered several times in at least N, HO and O Scales including most recently this month by Micro-Trains as part of its "Grape to Glass" series.  Protocraft has decals for the exact car, GATX 66719, and I've found a photo of the prototype online.  MTL says this car was built by AC&F but it does not appear in either of Ed Kaminski's AC&F book that I own.

I am trying to narrow down an Approximate Time Period for these cars from my UMTRR.  Only the build date is on the Micro-Trains model and I don't see any other dates on any of the other models either.  (The car in the prototype photo is far too dirty to read much of anything.) 

I've read in Tony Thompson's blog posts about wine cars that they operated in the 1950s and 1960s, examples being Roma Wine and Chateau-Martin.  Tangent has done a Roma Wine car with a "1940+" date.  Would anyone out there have anything on Gibson Wine?

The company is still in business, by the way, and their home page includes a photo of two of their tank cars: .

Thanks and Cheers (pun not intended),
George Irwin

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