Re: Correction PRR Stock cars on Southern Pacific or Union Pacific tracks?

Bruce Smith


Never say never… UP and SP stock cars made their way onto PRR rails with some frequency. That is likely due to a shortage of cars at points like Chicago since through shipment of livestock did not happen due to rest requirements. It seems much less likely to happen going west off of PRR rails, with one big exception and that would be shipments of smaller numbers of specialized stock and horses. So could it happen? I’d say yes. Was it frequent? Probably not.



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On Feb 7, 2020, at 7:31 AM, David North <david.north@...> wrote:

A friend has asked if PRR stock cars would have been seen on Southern Pacific  or Union Pacific tracks.
I would have thought no, but thought I’d check with you guys first, before replying to him.
He models 1954.

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