Re: Correction PRR Stock cars on Southern Pacific or Union Pacific tracks?

Tim O'Connor

What was the date of the infamous KANSAS CITY FLOOD in the 1950's?? I recall that immediately
following the floods there was an ICC car service directive regarding stock cars that lasted for
a number of months during which eastern stock cars were seen all over the midwest. The aftermath
of the flood was covered in a major article in Trains magazine.

Denver also experienced massive flooding of the Platte river in the 1950's. Such events can cause
long lasting disruption to freight car service patterns. (A more recent catastrophe being the UP's
"meltdown" in the 1990's that spread like a virus from Texas to the entire US.)

Tim O'Connor

On 2/7/2020 8:31 AM, David North wrote:


A friend has asked if PRR stock cars would have been seen on Southern Pacific  or Union Pacific tracks.

I would have thought no, but thought I’d check with you guys first, before replying to him.

He models 1954.



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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