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You may have missed it, but this entire thread was started with respect to D&H 16153. Dave Boss asked "Does anyone know if there was ever a D&H #16153 250 ton four truck flat car model available...?". Francis then replied that there was an ECW kit of that car. At no point was the thread NOT in reference to D&H 16153. I suggest that you use the links at the bottom of this message and see that for yourself.

And no, ECW 4700 is the PRR F38

Finally, the photo in your email comes from a Model Railroad Hobbyist blog, where the author (not you), states that he is using the F38 kit to model two flats, one the PRR F38 and a second, SOUTHERN 50099 (no D&H mentioned) a flat with a shorter deck that he is BASHING from the F38. I even did a Google image search with the photo from your message and the only thing it brought up was the MRH thread. I can find no sign of the photo you attached on eBay.

Bruce Smith
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I’m no D&H expert. I was referring to the ECW HO plastic KIT (what was being discussed), not any prototype. We are NOT discussing the D&H #16153, a more conventional 4-truck 8-axle car. 

The 4-truck HO model ECW produced was offered as BOTH a PRR F38 and a D&H car. I suspect they were the same, except for the length of the main deck.

Their part no.4700 is the D&H model,  a 12-axle 4-truck car. I have no idea if it even has a prototype, D&H or other, but it exists as a model.

I have a Railworks PRR F38 and the ECW 4-truck flat. They are virtually identical except for the deck-length and end platforms. Hey both have 12 axles and four trucks.

Here, copied off an eBay listing are photos of BOTH versions.

Dan MItchell

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