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Dave Boss

Hello, and thanks for all your help on this car. I think I'll message Steve at F&C maybe it's in the works ? Dave

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Dan (other Dan),

Thanks. Interesting. Definitely NOT the D&H flat car that started this discussion though 😉  Obviously, I was unaware that ECW did this and frankly the kit was so problematic that I was happy to stick with my brass F38.  It would appear from the instructions that there were a significant number of 36' deck variants of this car beyond D&H that this kit could also model.

The modified kit does appear to be prototypical for D&H 16157 (not D&H 16153)

Bruce Smith

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An ECW 4700 sold on ebay a while ago, here is the link to that sold listing.

Take a look and it shows the instructions well. You can see the 2 build versions that can be done.

Dan Smith

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