High and Wide ops was D&H Flat

Bruce Smith


Precisely!  While large loads could be moved in regular freights, "high and wide" loads often required special handling and therefore were often accumulated and moved in a single train. On the stretch of the PRR I model, the Columbia and Port Deposit branch, from Perryville MD, through Columbia PA and on to Enola, this H&W train was typically run on Sunday morning. That makes sense as it was the lightest traffic day of the week, and therefore the low speed and occasional stops to check clearance wouldn't mess up the rest of the railroad. There was also a spot at "Midway siding" where the tracks were set farther apart, to allow H&W trains to pass each other. i plan too accumulate a train of H&W loads and then run it once every 10-14 ops sessions.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Not now. I have a strange appreciation of heavy duty flat cars and their often interesting loads. I just haven’t gotten around to this one yet, perhaps because I’ve not seen a photo of the prototype and whatever load it might be carrying. One has to be careful mixing such cars into regular train (assuming they’re not a “high and wide”). Too many looks strange. On the other hand I’ve seen photos of whole trains of high and wide oversized loads. Perhaps that’s putting all one’s problems in one place?

Dan Mitchell

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