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Many thanks, Brian! And I forgot to mention: -at an even later date but very surely all cars will be weathered, of course!
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Very nice, Johannes!
Brian Ehni 
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Hello friends,

this has been filmed yesterday at an exhibition near Stuttgart, Germany:

Train is completely brass, engine is CIL with some detail upgrades and all-wheel current pick-up. Runs extremely well. Yes I know - SP&S caboose is bogus with this engine - I will take care of this soon.
And yes I remember the discussion about the PRR G24 scrap service gondola and the conclusion that it wouldn't be that good for any train away from certain PRR rails - but very recently I found this seemingly professionally painted or repainted model in Italy - and it was a "steal" so I couldn't resist.

The whole train may not be very accurate, of course - but train length was restricted because of short yards, and I have lots of still unpainted and more "generic" cars like PS-1, USRA drop-bottom gondola, USRA box, XM-1 box, etc. which will join the train at a later time.
An hour earlier I have had a beautyful NH "State-of-Maine" insulated box car in the train, but unfortunately this hasn't been filmed I believe.

All but very few cars with special trucks (like the W&R coal gondola with its clasp brakes) have been converted to the (hopefully correct type of) Tahoe trucks with necessary work on the bolsters.
Generally all cars are "reworked" and improved more or less extensively, that means repairs or improvements on solder joints and detail upgrades (at least those in 99% apparent stupid "steps" or s-shaped bents in the brake rods, along with other brake detail corrections).

Hope the one or the other of you will enjoy the clip.


modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953

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