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Tim O'Connor


I have them also - there are differences in trucks, lower decks, and upper decks for
the 125 ton 2 truck, 6 axle (versus 4 truck 8 or 12 axle) cars. It may be possible to
"morph" one of them into another prototype by the addition, removal or modification of
certain details. I attach the only photo I have of a D&H 2 truck car - note the wood
upper deck and very small triangle anchors on the lower deck.

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Late to this discussion, but just raising my hand here . . .


There were a series of heavy-duty flats imported by E&P some years ago, in brass.  I have two of them, one an ERIE four truck eight axle depressed flat, the other a conventional depressed center four axle flat.  But ISTR that either the ERIE car or some others that they imported were correct for D&H.  I just looked for my four truck car, because it had some literature in the box, but it’s not easy to locate in my chaos.  Some of the rest of you may recall these models from E&P and know if any of them were D&H-accurate.




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That’s the first photo of the D&H 12-axle car I’ve seen, Thanks!


I did miss the start of this thread, so was not aware of the previous discussion on the 8-axle D&H car. When I “arrived” the discussion was heavy on the ECW model car, and that’s when I started getting in on it.


Thanks again,


Dan Mitchell


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Dan (other Dan),


Thanks. Interesting. Definitely NOT the D&H flat car that started this discussion though 😉  Obviously, I was unaware that ECW did this and frankly the kit was so problematic that I was happy to stick with my brass F38.  It would appear from the instructions that there were a significant number of 36' deck variants of this car beyond D&H that this kit could also model.


The modified kit does appear to be prototypical for D&H 16157 (not D&H 16153)



Bruce Smith



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An ECW 4700 sold on ebay a while ago, here is the link to that sold listing.

Take a look and it shows the instructions well. You can see the 2 build versions that can be done.

Dan Smith


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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