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Thomas Birkett

Tony: I am Phillips Petroleum Co. retiree and conocoPhillips and now Phillips 66 Company after a merger and divorce own the rights to the 76 brand. I will try to slip by the museum tomorrow and see if I can learn anything more on the topic.
Thomas N. Birkett, PE, Bartlesville, PK

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From: Tony Thompson <tony@...>
Date: 2/11/20 5:05 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [RealSTMFC] Union Oil 76 paint scheme

     Years ago, a couple of the HO scale manufacturers of tank cars offered Union Oil cars in a dark blue paint scheme with an orange 76 emblem (the company colors). Several people, including no less than Richard Hendrickson, pronounced this a bogus scheme, with bright colors to attract modelers.
      But recently in browsing old issues of _Model Railroader_ from the early 1950s, I found the photo below in an Athearn ad of 1952 (they offered this scheme on a metal tank car model) -- and note the astronomical price. Can anyone supply more information about how widely used this scheme was?

Tony Thompson

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