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Betreff: [RealSTMFC] GN 50' SS boxcar
After spending most of my time the last couple of years building structures, adding scenery, and weathering/upgrading some RTR freight cars, I have finally had some time to start building resin kits again.  Now that I have retired I can start working on what Jerry Dziedzic refers to as my wall of shame, the shelves under the layout storing 200+ unbuilt resin kits. 
Today I finished the weathering on GN 42960, a Westerfield GN SS double-door boxcar with an end door.  Unlike most GN double door SS 50' boxcars. this series of cars were not rebuilt with a narrow door and kept their wooden doors (and end door).
Next up are Speedwitch kits for an NP 50' SS boxcar and Soo Line 40' SS boxcar.
Rich Remiarz
Vadnais Heights, MN


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