Re: reefer MDT 13755 on display at the Fulton County Museum

Tim O'Connor

In the 1990's there was a whole string of ex-MDT ice reefers parked at the
east end of the NYC (Conrail) Selkirk NY yard. I wonder what became of them?
The set included a car with 'double hinge' doors from the 1950's. Someday
I'll dig out the negatives and scan them. Maybe. ;-)

Hi List Members,
While this is way past my own era of interest, I thought maybe some members might be interested in seeing the reefer MDT 13755 which is on display at the Fulton County Museum in Indiana.
I stumbled upon it while driving from Indianapolis to South Bend.
It has been repainted grey, but the original lettering is still barely discernable under the new paint.
Claus Schlund

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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